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Huckleberry’s like a sleep consultant in your pocket! Whether it’s newborn day/night confusion, the dreaded four-month sleep regression, or transitioning from two naps to one, many families struggle with sleep during their child’s first years. Huckleberry offers customized sleep plans that take your family’s unique needs into account, from nursing to sleep, to monitoring wake windows.

Plus, the easy interface acts as your second brain to keep track of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diaper changes, pumping, solids, temperature, medication, growth, and of course - sleep!

How it works

Huckleberry blends the step-by-step guidance and advice of a traditional sleep consultant with the convenience of an app: no crying it out required. It’s sleep guidance and the second brain for the modern parent!

See why over 1 million parents love Huckleberry

  • Easy all-things-baby tracker so you never miss a feeding or pumping session. Can’t remember when you last changed their diaper? Not anymore!
  • The popular SweetSpotⓇ feature predicts your child’s next naptime like magic. No more math. No more overtired babies: just better sleep.
  • Personalized sleep plans for every situation and challenge, customized just for you by a pediatric sleep expert.
  • Support and advice for newborn development via our blog, with advice for new parents and example schedules.

Huckleberry offers three ways to support families with young children (newborn - age 5):

Huckleberry's Free App - Keep track of the day

  • An easy baby tracker for breastfeeding, bottles, diaper changes, medication, pumping, growth, sleep, and more
  • Daily charts and stats to monitor your little one’s eating and sleep patterns and trends
  • Reminders when it’s time for the next diaper change, feed, or medication
  • One-hand tracking, multiple child profiles, multi-caregiver sync, and night mode
  • NEW! Day view for easy visualization of your baby’s schedule

For parents and caregivers looking for extra help:

Huckleberry Plus - For optimal naps

Try SweetSpotⓇ, the world’s first predictive algorithm that lets you know when your little one is ready for sleep. People say it’s like magic. Also use the Schedule Creator to see age-appropriate sleep schedules for your child.

(For ages 2 months-5 years old, with subscription after free trial.)

Huckleberry Premium - Personalized solutions from baby sleep experts

Get all of the above, plus your own customized sleep plan, developed for you by pediatric sleep experts - no crying it out necessary. Get ongoing guidance based on your child’s changing needs.

(For ages 0-5 years old, with a paid subscription.)

Think it’s too good to be true? Read Huckleberry's outstanding reviews from thousands of parents.




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